What is a superfood?

Recently after my Eat the Rainbow series, a good friend of mine asked me, what food qualifies to become a superfood? And this is really a good question. Hence everyone is talking about superfoods, but actually, it might not be clear what it actually is.

In short, Superfoods are an ideal way to stock up on all vital substances. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

What criteria should a superfood have?

A superfood should …

  • … provide you with a very large amount of one or more nutrients, active ingredients or vital substances and significantly more than the usual foods.
  • … be as natural as possible and should come from organic production or wild growth.
  • … should be a complete and holistic food. A single vitamin or a single extracted plant substance can also have a great effect, but it is not a superfood, but could rather be described as a dietary supplement.
  • … have an extremely positive effect on our health without having any negative effects.

A real superfood should meet almost all criteria – without being harmful in any way. If it meets all criteria it is probably a SuperSuperfood 🙂

Some myths about superfood

  • A superfood does not have to taste delicious to be a superfood.
  • A superfood doesn’t have to be easy to snack, and it doesn’t have to be expensive, as is apparently often assumed by a superfood.
  • A real superfood can but does not have to come from far away tropical or arctic regions. Superfoods also grow right on the doorstep of Central Europe, such as oregano, parsley, nettle, home-grown broccoli sprouts, raw sauerkraut, barley grass, and many more.

Good news. This means you just need to go to your next supermarket and even there you will find some superfoods such as almonds. In that way, you can easily influence your energy level, your well-being, your performance and your appearance.

Find some superfood recipes

or check out my Food Encyclopedia to find out more about certain superfoods.

Enjoy your food!


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