Protein Power

Certainly, this is one of my most important topics, which I am discussing quite often with people, who are not vegans. Where do you get your proteins from if you only eat plants?

Well, luckily there are some pretty cool guys out there, who are demonstrating, that thanks to a plant-based diet you can be healthy and strong. And in fact, Legumes are providing you with more proteins than meat e.g. 100g lentils have 23.5g protein, whereas 100g beef has 17.3g protein.

But let’s start from the beginning:

Why do we need proteins?

If you imagine looking at a bodybuilder – what do you recognize first?

Yes – certainly, the muscles.

Protein provides the body the ability to structure itself. Therefore the body needs muscles and bones, and in order to build it, the body needs protein. However, besides the structure, protein also supports our immune system, carrying oxygen, and helps to grow and to repair.

How much protein do you need?

According to sge (Swiss nutritional Association) an adult needs around 0.8g protein per kg per day. Means a woman who weighs around 60kg, should consume about 48g proteins per day.

How you could cover this during the day:

  • Morning: 50g Amaranth in the morning plus 200ml Soymilk enriched with 10g peanuts.
  • Lunch: 50g Quinoa, 10g pumpkin seeds
  • Dinner: 100g Tofu, 50g lentils

You can download a more detailed list here:

Vegan food protein sources (1)

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