My 5 resolutions for 2018

Stop smoking, more exercise, finally losing weight, less stress – we’ve all good intentions for the new year. My goal for 2018 is to become more sustainable in my lifestyle, help the environment to recover, and to make the world a better place. Ok, yes that sounds really ambitious, but I think everyone can do small things to change his/her environment and if everyone is doing small things – it will be a big thing in the end.

So here we go with my 5 resolutions for 2018:

Drink tap water

calm-2315559_640Heavy towing, unhealthy plastic, huge amounts of garbage: I will stop drinking water or any other drinks in plastic bottles! Almost everywhere in Germany and Switzerland tap water is easy to drink and often of better quality than bottled water. Fun fact: tap water is the most controlled and inspected “food” in Germany.

Therefore I have my very own reusable bottle, which I can fill with tap water and tea every morning and refill during the day.

Use less plastic

garbage-2729608_640Recently I was watching the documentary “A Plastic Ocean” and I was shocked, how bad the problem really is. I think plastic is one of the biggest environmental problems of our time. I want to change my behavior here as well – reducing my plastic consumption:

  1. Consequently, use my own bottle to always have water or tea with me
  2. Use empty screw-in glasses to replace plastic wrap, aluminum foil, plastic bags or cheap plastic cans, for example. Further, I will buy food without plastic wrap and use instead my glasses to store them. We have a couple of stores, which sell only open goods. It is so easy, just bring your own containers and fill them with whatever you need, from various flours to even chocolate. They charge you solely by weight.
  3. No use of plastic bags at all. I have plenty of reusable bags at home and just need to have them with me all the time. I always keep some in my car.

Eat fair-trade chocolate

chocolate-2224998_640I am addicted to chocolate. However cocoa is a billion dollar market: according to Caobisco, more than 12,000 companies in Europe process cocoa; at the same time, the EU will be exporting chocolate products worth 6.6 billion euros in 2012, and sales were ten times higher.

But the 14 million cocoa farmers – including hundreds of thousands of minors – see only crumbs, as chocolate is usually sold far too cheap.

However, I don’t want to abstain from chocolate. So I decided to learn more about fair-trade chocolate and start consuming sustainably and fairly traded chocolate. On another up-side, have you ever tried single bean chocolates? It is incredible how much flavor varieties you can get from various chocolate beans. It is like wine. Different grape varieties are not the same – the same holds true for chocolate. Most single bean chocolates are fair trade and often the chocolatier has a direct relationship with the cocoa farmer. Furthermore, most chocolates are made with unexpected ingredients such as soy lecithin. Soy lecithin is often used as a cheap binding substance since it combines well with fatty and water. If I want to eat chocolate, I want just chocolate. High quality and sustainable chocolate does not need anything else besides cocoa and cocoa butter. So much pure deliciousness in a single bar of chocolate.

Throw away less food

banana-peel-1735083_640Everybody knows the problem: too much shopping, too much cooking – and the leftovers end up in the trash. But I am not only talking about the leftovers. I am also talking about the part of the food we thought we cannot eat and throw it away like a banana peel. I started some researches here and found the book “Leaf to Root” by Esther Kern, Pascal Haag, and Sylvan Müller. They taught me that you can do a lot more out of the foods we eat every day. Or did you know that you can make pancakes out of banana peels?

Eating seasonal

carrot-1085063_640Consistent regional and seasonal nutrition is one of the good intentions that seem to be difficult to implement. As it is so tempting to buy these red tomatoes in December or those beautiful pink raspberries.

I want to pay more attention to what is regional and in season in 2018. This avoids absurdly long transport routes, you eat fresh and healthy food – and supports your region.


Happy New Year

Some of the things I have written above, seem tough to follow through constantly, but I think being aware of it, is already the first step and now I have a whole year to think about more steps how I can implement it in my daily life.

Would love to hear what your resolutions are for 2018. Feel free to share it in the comments below.

I wish you all a happy new year 2018. Let your dreams come true! Stay happy, healthy and confident!

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