Millet Porridge = Soul Food

Porridge is pure soul food for me. It is like having the highlight of the day already in the morning, as it is so yummy. It provides a lot of energy to start the day and always brings some variety to your breakfast, as you can mix and match the toppings as you wish. Pick the topping depending on the season and your preferences. My favorite combination is cacao nibs, seasonal berries, and hemp seeds. But I can also recommend apple sauce, some jam or self-made granola.

The usual recipes are using oats for the porridge, which are super healthy, as they contain a lot of important nutrients. Unfortunately, I have an intolerance against oats, so I started to experiment with different grains for the porridge – and I like millets the best.

Millet porridge

Preparation time: 15 mins Servings: 1 bowl

Ingredients for Millet Porridge

80g Millet Flakes
350ml Soy milk (or any other plant based milk you like)
2tbsp Agave Syrup
1tsp Cinnamon
optional: 1tbsp Protein Powder (I use hemp protein)

Toppings Ideas

Cacao nibs
Berry Jam
Hemp Seeds
1 Vanilla Pod
Agave or Maple Syrup

Instructions Millet Porridge

  1. Put all ingredients into a pan over medium heat for about 5 minutes until it is nicely smooth
  2. Put the warm porridge into your bowl and decorate it with some nice toppings.

Have a great start of the day!

Nutritional Facts – Millet

Millet is a good source of iron, protein, and calcium.

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