How it all started …

Very often I get the question, why I am actually so interested in food and how it impacts my body. Especially, many ask me how the hell did I manage it to enjoy food, without thinking about my weight or my shape of the body. To be honest I wasn’t born like this. And as almost every one of you, I had my fights with food as well during my life.

Being vegetarian doesn’t mean eating healthy

In my early childhood, I decided very quickly to become a vegetarian. Mainly because of my love for animals, not because I thought it would have been healthier for me. I mean I was eight, and I had no clue about vitamins, minerals, or whatever related to food. Having that said, my teenage years were impacted by mainly trash food. There was a period where my lunch looked like the following: Yogurt, Corn Flakes, topped with some pepperoni. Why pepperoni? Because I thought it will burn calories, as it was spicy as hell. Yep. You see, not really a very smart decision.

So it wasn’t a surprise that I struggled a lot with my weight and the shape of my body. It wasn’t helping that my super thin body developed itself into a woman. Some of my friends had eating disorders, which also affected me. I was always thinking about what I am eating and how am I look like. So, throughout my teenage years, I was vegetarian. But apart from that I was almost only eating trash, not knowing better. No surprise that at the age of 17 my body started to show me signs that it doesn’t work like that.

Antibiotics are my best friends

With 17 years old I started to get cystitis almost every month. Of course, I treated them with a lot of antibiotics, as my doctor told me so. I didn’t get the idea that it could somehow correlate with my food, e.g. eating a lot of sugar. After almost 8 months, my body shut down and the antibiotics didn’t work anymore.

The end of the story was that I needed to stay in the hospital with a kidney infection. It took the doctors several weeks to find an antibiotic that worked and helped me to get rid of the bacteria in my kidneys. In order to top that I’ve got appendicitis and needed surgery. So I spent some months in the hospital, my body was feeling weak, let’s not talk about my mood, oh and I was in the middle of preparing for my university entrance diploma. Certainly, I have imagined my 17, 18 years a bit different.

Luckily there was my mom. She knew that something was wrong and we need to do something about it. So we went to a doctor focused on naturopathy. He explained to me what actually happened to my body and that my whole immune system broke down due to the numerous antibiotics intake and unhealthy food. My gut got leaky and due to that, I have developed several food allergies. Exactly what I wanted to hear, as you can imagine.

My mom and I went out of the appointment frustrated and thinking about what I actually can eat now. We went to one of the few alternative supermarkets and found almost nothing, except fresh veggies and fruits. With the help of the doctor, I started to develop a completely different relationship with the food I eat and learned how it does affect my body. Thanks to this I was able to recover and feeling healthy again. Unfortunately, I still haven’t understood my lesson.

The fall-back

So I fall back to my old food habits, ok I had some more healthy stuff on my plate e.g. one apple a day :). At that time I had an exchange semester in Switzerland and I managed to eat half of a bar chocolate per day every day. Well, I mean Swiss chocolate – who could resist. Apart from that, I was planning my food very detailed (proteins in the evening, no carbs (except for the chocolate) etc. and if something changed I was panicking right away and checking my weight. Not really a healthy relationship with my body and food.

So, of course, my body needed to give me signals again and this time it was sinusitis. Which I treated….. yes with antibiotics. And surprise I had the feeling that my body started again to feel weaker and weaker. So I went again to a doctor checking what actually happens and there I have got a clear sign which made me start thinking. My list of food allergies got longer and longer. This meant, that I needed to stop living like this and start thinking about what I am doing to my health and my body.

My new experience with food

At that time, luckily I already met my husband and his family, as they knew already a lot about healthy food and were able to support me during the whole transformation. I am living with this already for several years now and I can say I feel stronger and healthier than ever. Although, I am discovering something new about food every day and its impact and I am very curious what else I will discover in the future.

Unfortunately, my food allergies are still there and I might have to deal with them my whole life, but that just means that I need to know my food even better in order to ensure that I get all the nutrients I need. I would lie if I would say that I always eat healthy and that I never think about that maybe 2 pounds lighter would look nicer. But all in all, I learned that it is way too important to enjoy good, fresh, regional food and that then automatically your body develops itself into a strong healthy one.

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