Eat the Rainbow

When I go shopping in a supermarket, there are always so many different colors to see. There’s the green cucumber, the yellow lemon, the red watermelon, or the violet cabbage.  Sometimes I notice that a certain color appeals to me very much or I have a great desire for it. But why has food different colors? And what do the colors actually say?

The colors of our food provide information about the nutrients and antioxidants the plant contains. And because each plant contains different nutrients and antioxidants, it is very important to eat through the colors – that’s why you can say eat the rainbow.

Why having always the same food can be dangerous

When it comes to food, variety is everything. More food variety is important for you. Always eating the same food makes you unhealthy. Especially for vegans it is important to know that. Please do not always use soy as a protein source with every meal (other vegan protein sources you can be found here). A well-known example: a young man has eaten 24 raw eggs in a bet; since then he has been highly allergic to chicken eggs.

In addition, most leafy vegetables have very low levels of toxins to prevent insects from eating the whole plant. If we only eat this one leafy vegetable, we take in a large amount of these toxins, which doesn’t do us any good. The dose makes the poison.

Why the rainbow is beautiful

If you want to have a balanced and healthy diet, the rule of thumb of the rainbow helps you easily: eat something of every color! This ensures that you can also benefit from all the advantages of the different types of fruit and vegetables. Of course the eye eats too and the more colorful, the more beautiful the meal looks! It’s no wonder that the Buddha Bowl trend is experiencing such a hype at the moment – it is a beautiful rainbow constellation.

In order to give you a little bit more details about the colors, I’ll kick off a series of blog posts and will try to inspire you to join me to eat through the rainbow. We will take a closer look at the colors yellow, green, red, blue, and purple.

Stay curious how healthy and tasty a rainbow is.

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