Calming Blue and Purple

What do you feel like if you think about the ocean? Looking at a wide blue ocean. Feel the wind in your hair. Smell the fresh sea breeze. I assume you start feeling more relaxed, thinking about your next vacation maybe.

In fact, the color blue has a relaxing and calming effect on our mind. It stands for peace, harmony, and satisfaction. What does the color blue mean as food color?

Blue and purple food have a certain colorant in it. The blue and violet colorants of fruits and vegetables are called anthocyanins and are real anti-aging miracles. They slow down skin aging, keep the blood vessels young and improve memory. Moreover, it has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Blue & Purple Superfood

Let’s have a look at some blue & purple superfoods, which support you in being calm and relaxed.


Grapes contain valuable plant substances, such as quercetin and resveratrol, particularly in their seeds and skin. These highly effective substances can lower blood pressure and regulate cholesterol.

Further, scientists recently discovered that grapes can increase the pH of blood and urine, i.e. make them more alkaline. This helps to reduce deposits in the joints, consequently, it reduces gout pain or rheumatic pain.


The best-known effect of plums is that they strongly stimulate intestinal peristalsis and thus counteract constipation. But plums also have a draining and pollutant binding effect. Some of the secondary plant substances contained in the plant fibers, such as pectin and cellulose, are responsible for this.

Further, studies have shown that the tasty fruits also drive away the cravings, protect against eye diseases, keep the heart healthy, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

In addition, plums contain many vitamins of the B-complex, e.g. vitamin B1. This supports you in strengthening your nerves. Moreover, plums contain zinc and copper against nervous restlessness, irritability, and depressions. Plums thus contribute not only to physical health but also to mental well-being.


Blueberry has already long been regarded as super food. Because it’s a valuable weapon in battle, against high cholesterol levels, heart diseases. Further, studies have shown its potential in the Alzheimer’s therapy.

Moreover, the consumption of two cups of blueberries per day raise the serotonin level. Serotonin is known to be that messenger substance which ensures a good mood, happiness and mental well-being in the brain.

Here you can find a yummy recipe for a blueberry jam with pancakes. Perfect for your next Sunday breakfast. 🙂

Red Cabbage

Why do I have red cabbage in the section of blue and purple food? In red cabbage, it is the blue anthocyanins, among others, that are considered curative and have an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer effect. And if you have a closer look you might notice that the cabbage is more purple than red.

Red cabbage contains mustard oil glycosides which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Further, they prevent infections and can reduce the risk of certain tumor diseases such as breast cancer, lung cancer, and pancreatic cancer.

Whilst white cabbage is often prepared as a raw vegetable salad, red cabbage is best left to simmer for a long time before it is cooked or even grasp red cabbage in a glass or can. Although the red cabbage tastes wonderful even when cooked, there’s no question about it, but this is always at the expense of the valuable ingredients. So try to eat it raw as often as possible.

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